Witchfinder now available for pre-order


Witchfinder5 FINALIf there is one rule you don’t break, it’s don’t mess with Time.

All of a sudden Olivia and Theo find themselves thrown back in time to 17th century Salem. Isabel and Nathaniel are hell bent on finding Olivia’s ancestor, Hester West, who was the last of the West women known to have had possession of Infernum. This is the most powerful book ever to have existed and Hester is the one person who knows its current location.

The problem is if Isabel and Nathaniel find Hester they will change the events of the past. Theo will never have been pulled through time to present day Mercy and will never meet Olivia. Even worse, if Hester is harmed in any way Olivia will never be born in the first place.

The stakes have never been higher. Trapped in the past at the height of the Witch Trials, Theo must not only try and keep Olivia safe from the religious fanatics who have never seen a real witch in their lives, but he must face his brother Logan and the past he left behind. And this time, if he fails, Olivia will be the one hanging from the tree on Gallows Hill.

Available for pre-order


Published by

Wendy Saunders - Author

I am a romantic suspense author based in Hampshire in the UK

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