Angels and Demons – Spiritual Beings that Walk among Men

The word angel is derived from the Greek word angelos, meaning messenger. They are spiritual beings created by God to act as a connection between heaven and earth, and surpass us in both strength and intelligence. God’s angels are immortal and since their creation their numbers have neither increased nor decreased. As spiritual beings angels do not have a physical form, but when delivering messages to humans they have been known to appear as men do or as a dazzling while light.

Angels have their own hierarchy, which is divided into three spheres of three classes each. Their classification is based on the job that they are required to do:

First Sphere – These angels serve directly under God and his son. This sphere is divided into:

  • Seraphim – Always located directly in God’s presence, these angels continuously sing Him praises. They receive God’s messages before any of the other groups of angels and pass them down for Him.
  • Cherubim – These angels are frequently dispatched by God to earth to take care of his most important tasks. They are also the source of knowledge for the lesser orders of angels.
  • Thrones – The main function of the Thrones is to carry out God’s authority and justice.

Second Sphere – Responsible for guiding and ruling other spiritual beings, the groups in this sphere are:

  • Dominions – This group regulates the duties that the lower angels are required to complete.
  • Virtues – This group is in charge of ensuring that the physical part of the universe remains in order at all times.
  • Powers – This group consists of God’s divine warriors and record keepers.

shutterstock_370733861Third Sphere – The angels in this group are the direct connection with God and humanity. Their existence is dedicated to guiding, protecting and delivering messages to mankind.

  • Principalities – Designated to transport God’s messages to earth, these angels also guide and protect groups of people.
  • Archangels – There are seven archangels in God’s kingdom including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. These angels are the most well-known among humanity as their presence normally signifies great change. They are the guardians of nations and countries.
  • Angels – These are the official messengers to humanity, and the ones that we are most able to relate to. The Angel group also includes each individual’s personal guardian angel.

Even though God created angels to be a representation of good in the world, there are still some that rebel against his teachings and are subsequently cast out of heaven. The leader of these outcasts is Lucifer, who was one of the first angels to be banished from His glorious presence. When he was cast out it is believed that Lucifer brought at least 1/3 of the other angels with him, and they now serve him as the force that opposes God’s superiority on earth.

The followers of Lucifer are now known as demons, and they specialize in creating havoc for humanity including taking possession of humans in order to carry out their evil intentions. Regardless of the fact that Lucifer and his demonic army oppose the teachings of God, it is still believed that it is all a part of His overall plan for the human race.

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