White Witches – The Mystical World of Modern Magic

The term ‘white witch’ was coined so that the general population could begin to appreciate witches, who throughout history have been persecuted because of their association with being evil. A white witch is one who performs spells that will not bring about any harm to anybody else, and the majority of witches in society are good, if not a tiny bit eccentric.

Most modern witches actually practice witchcraft as a religion, and the most common of these in our society is Wicca. The origin of the word Wicca comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘wicce’ meaning to have the wisdom to bend and shape. The religion recognises both gods and goddesses, and focuses on a love of nature, using the elements to power their spells. The way in which each witch practices is different and spells can be performed individually or with a close-knit group called a coven. Within the coven male witches are known as wiccas and females are wicces.

shutterstock_327743912In the 1950s after the British government repealed anti-witchcraft laws, Gerald Gardner was the main influence in the revival of Wicca. There had always been the public misconception that most witches were worshipping the devil and performing evil spells. With the religion gaining in popularity this impression has been changed and the public is beginning to respect and embrace its followers.

The Wiccan Rede states ‘As it harm none, do as thou wilt’ meaning that a true witch will do nothing to hurt themselves or others. Apart from this decree the religion has no bible or rules. Its followers are free to do whatever they like and happiness is what they focus on obtaining. The majority of Wiccan witches always do good, because of a deeply embedded belief in the Law of Three, which that whatever you do will always be returned to you threefold.

The witches focus on tuning into the love of nature and its elements, earth, fire, air, water and all the celestial bodies. Spells are performed based on the moon phases, and the full moon is normally when the energy needed to conduct spells is at its most powerful. There is an air of shutterstock_246475582mystery that surrounds spells and many are kept secret, only being passed on amongst the coven. The Mother goddess plays a major role in all rituals as she is perceived as incredibly powerful, because of how close her relationship is with nature.

Those that are expecting witches to actually ride around on broomsticks, with pointed hats handing out curses will be terribly disappointed, as there is nothing that really differentiates one from the rest of society. The only thing that might be a bit distinguishing is that many witches wear a pentacle or pentagon with 5 sides, each representing one the 5 elements of nature: earth, water, air, fire and spirit.

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